Carefree Curl Hairstyles

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No matter how you express yourself through with the canvas of your hair, people tend to view your tresses as a reflection of your personality. Those with curly hair are often seen as free-spirited, their locks tossing in the wind. Regardless of how your curly hair reflects your lifestyle, there are always new style options to keep it looking fresh. Curly hair can be worn in many ways for various occasions, but sometimes it's a relief to go with the easiest styles.

Loose Waves

When it comes to an easy and romantic hairstyle for curly hair, a mass of loose waves is one of the most flattering choices. For a no-heat way to achieve loose waves overnight, simply section off your damp hair into 1- to 1 1/2-inch sections, twist the sections around themselves and secure with bobby pins. In the morning, unravel your hair, finger comb to create desired fullness and apply a light finishing spray. If you use a curling iron, roll up 1- to 1 1/2-inch sections of hair with the curling iron into loose curls throughout your hair. Pull the resulting curls apart with your fingers to achieve the desired effect. Finish off the look with a finishing spray for hold.

Side-Swept Curls

Retro and romantic, sweeping your curly hair off to one side is not only low maintenance, but also quite chic. To create the curls or waves needed for this style, use the previously described process for loose waves. Once the curls are in place, part your hair on either side of your head -- for more drama opt for a deep side part. To create volume at the crown and sides, you'll need to do some teasing with a comb or brush. Finally, pin the hair securely to the side with traditional bobby pins or those embellished with rhinestones or crystals.

Messy Bun

That haphazard bun that many women wear atop their head to simply get their tresses out of their face? Yes, it's a fashion-forward and chic way to wear your hair, especially when it's curly. If your hair is naturally curly, apply a small amount of frizz-fighting serum all through your tresses before you style the bun. Those with straighter hair should curl in the curls with a no-heat method or a curling iron. Placement of the bun can be at the nape of the neck, in the middle of the head, at either side or high atop the head. This style is supposed to look disorderly, so don't form a perfect bun and feel free to let a few stray hairs escape along the sides of your face and from the bun itself.

Faux Bob

While this style is easy to achieve, it's a little more time-consuming than some other options. Once you have the texture in place -- either naturally or curling-iron created curls -- apply a frizz serum or pomade to smooth the curls down. A side part looks best with this look, but you can also opt for a middle part. Gather a large amount of bobby and hair pins then pull your hair into a loose, low ponytail, tuck your hair under like a bob haircut and pin it into place. For a less structured look, leave a few stray hairs out to frame your face.