How Can I Dress With Uggs?

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you want to stay warm and comfortable in cold weather, Ugg boots are a worthy choice. But while Uggs score high points for function, their flat, bulky silhouette makes styling an outfit a bit tricky. The key when you're dressing with Uggs is to keep your ensemble in line with the casual look of the boots and opt for slim-fitting or soft pieces that help balance your solid footwear.

Go Casual

Since Uggs have a casual, relaxed look, they’re an ideal pairing with your favorite jeans. If you prefer tucking your pants into the boots, choose a skinny style to pair with tall Uggs. Boyfriend jeans are a good option when you want to cuff your pants and rock the classic short Uggs. Mini ankle Uggs also work well with boyfriend jeans. Wear the boots in a neutral color like black or brown with jeans, a simple white T-shirt and a cardigan when you’re grabbing lunch or running errands. You can also wear your Uggs and jeans combination with a cropped sweatshirt for a low-key look or a button-down blouse for a bit more polish.

Go Comfy

Extend the comfort of your Uggs by wearing them with a pair of relaxed, comfy leggings. Remember that leggings aren’t pants, so you need to wear them with pieces that cover your backside. Show off a pair of tall Uggs in a bold color like red or green with black leggings and a long boyfriend sweater. For a more dressed-up look, pair your leggings and Uggs with an oversized button-down blouse that’s belted at the waist. You can also layer a denim skirt over your leggings and tall Uggs and top with a T-shirt or fitted sweater.

Go Winter Chic

Uggs are often the footwear of choice around ski resorts, so take inspiration from the Apres Ski look and pair your boots with items that give them a winter-chic feel. Wear a pair of tall black Uggs with skinny jeans or leggings and a traditional Fair Isle sweater or cardigan for a stylish alpine vibe. The boots also work well with your favorite fur-lined parka or vest. Add a chunky knit beanie or beret to finish off your slope-worthy look.

Go Soft

If you’re worried that your Uggs don’t seem feminine enough, try wearing them with girly pieces to soften their look. Since they are a bit bulky, pair the boots in a soft color like pink, purple or natural tan with a flowy floral print dress to create a contrast. To make the dress fall and winter appropriate, rock the boots with tights and layer a cardigan over the dress. You can also wear tall Uggs with a soft corduroy skirt and tights if you want a little more coverage in the cold weather.