How Can I Block My Child From Going on a Certain Website?

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The Internet is a tool that is indispensable for most families. Both parents and children enjoy learning, playing games and finding entertainment on their personal computers. Most websites are useful and benign, but caution is always advisable. For parents, however, safety is a huge concern. There are many questionable and objectionable websites that children can stumble upon or purposely seek out. The good news is that it is possible for parents to block certain websites. The process will vary slightly depending on what type of browser you use on your home computer.

Internet Explorer

Open the Internet Explorer web browser.

Select the "Tools" menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select "Internet Options."

Locate and click the tab marked "Privacy" when the Internet options box appears.

Find the buttons directly under the privacy slider. Click the button that is marked "Sites."

Enter the website address of the objectionable site in the "Address of Web Site" box and click "Block."

Google Chrome

Open the Google Chrome web browser.

Locate and select the icon in the top right corner that looks like a wrench.

Select the "Tools" menu.

Locate and click on the tab marked "Under the Hood."

Select the option marked "Change Proxy Settings."

Click on the "Security" tab.

Select the icon that is labeled "Restricted Sites."

Click on the "Sites" button twice in succession and enter the web address of the objectionable website.

Click the button marked "Add."