Bridal Shower Ideas and Themes Using Big Hats

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Before the wedding, it is the responsibility of the maid of honor to throw a bridal shower for the bride. The maid of honor will often get together with the other ladies in the bridal party and decide on a theme, as well as traditional games to play during the shower. If you are stuck for ideas, consider a bridal shower centered around big hats. The ladies attending the shower are sure to have a good time wearing large hats with creative embellishments.

Flamboyant Hats and Pumps

Create a bridal shower theme focused on big hats and pumps. Ladies should arrive at the shower dressed in cocktail dresses with their most flamboyant and creative hats and high heels. As the maid of honor, organize contests and give out prizes for the most creative and fashionable outfit, the hardest shoes to walk in and the largest and most gaudy hat. Create or purchase a signature hat for the bride to wear during the shower. Create a celebrity style photo shoot in which each of the ladies at the shower can pose and show off their attire.

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race, known for the large hats worn by the ladies in attendance. A Kentucky Derby-themed bridal shower can combine large hats, race games and southern-style comfort foods. Deck out the home or venue in red roses. Create betting games and serve a signature cocktail, such as mint juleps. To bring a bit of creativity to the shower, have a hat decorating race. Ladies will arrive to the shower with plain large hats. The maid of honor will supply hot glue guns, silk flowers and fake pearls. See who can create the most elaborate hat in the allotted time.

Tea Party

Teas parties are popular themes for afternoon bridal showers. Depending on the preference of the bride and the ladies in attendance, the maid of honor can choose between an English-style tea party, and a Mad Hatter-themed tea party. The former is best conservative crowds. Both themes incorporate big hats.

For an English tea bridal shower, the ladies should wear big hats and sun dresses. The maid of honor should provide herbal teas and finger sandwiches. Choose games such as croquet and badminton. A Mad Hatter tea party is a much wackier event. Ladies should wear their most interesting and colorful outfits with big tacky hats. Switch things up by asking guests to switch hats every half hour.

Ribbon Hat

A ribbon hat is a large creation worn by the bride during the gift exchange at a bridal shower. Creating a ribbon hat is a traditional game initiated by the maid of honor. The maid of honor presents the bride with a hat made from a paper plate. Streamers hang from the sides of the paper plate and tie beneath the chin. The bride wears the hat as she opens her presents, while the maid of honor fastens each bow and ribbon from the gift packaging to the hat. The hat is later used as a stand-in for the bouquet during the wedding rehearsal. It also serves as a symbol of good luck.