Boots Styles for Jeans

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jeans are one of the most comfortable, versatile and figure -flattering fashion garments on the planet, but they reach their full potential when paired with the right shoe, which in this case happens to be a boot -- but not just any boot. Some styles give jeans that hip and casual-cool vibe you're looking for. The key to making sure you're wearing the best boot design for your jeans is to take a few style tips into consideration. Whether you're opting for a casually chic look or one that's ultra glam, put your best boot forward.

Cowboy Boots

If there is one boots/jeans combination that not only goes together flawlessly, but is also one of the oldest ways to style denim, it's jeans with a pair of perfectly broken-in cowboy boots. Cowboy boots and denim grew up together, so it should be no surprise that this boot style is the perfect complement to your favorite pair of jeans. Whether your preferred denim style is boot-cut, skinny or relaxed, it looks effortless when paired with cowboy boots.

Stiletto and Platform Boots

When you want to dress up your jeans and put a sexy spin on them, there is no better way than to pair them with a stiletto or a platform, especially when they're boots. While wearing stiletto boots may not be an ideal way to wear your boots/jeans combo on a regular basis, the thinness of the heel provides a nice contrast to the heaviness of the denim. A platform boot offers the same height appeal as a stiletto while providing more stability and comfort because the heel's thickness and platform at the front. Both of these styles flatter the majority of jean styles and cuts.

Ankle Boots

If you can't decide between a boot and a shoe, the ankle boot gives you an easy answer since it combines the best of both types. However, ankle boots and denim can be a little tricky to pull off because you want to showcase the design of the boot without it being overpowered by your jeans. To avoid this, pair your ankle boots with skinny, boyfriend or Capri-length jeans and let your ankle boots take the spotlight. Jeans that are overly long, like trouser or wide-leg, are too much fabric for this delicate boot to handle.

Flat Boots

Jeans are widely praised for their comfort level, especially when they're broken in, and when you combine a chic flat boot with a pair of well-fitting yet comfy jeans, the result is relaxed and effortless. Flat boots are also a way to get the cool look of a boot with the comfort of a flat, allowing you longer wearing time and a way to change up the look of your jeans for a slightly edgier appeal. You want to be able to see the full length of this knee-high boot style, so stick to denim that is fitted to the ankle, like skinny jeans or jeggings.