Birthday Party Ideas With Movies for Nine-Year-Old Boys

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By the age of 9, boys are becoming increasingly independent. Your 9-year-old will have developed a range of interests and is very clear about what he does and does not like. He has outgrown children's party games, but is too young for a teenage party. Most 9-year-old boys love movies, so a movie birthday party is something he and his guests are sure to enjoy.

Movie Theater

Check online or call your local theaters to find out what will be showing around the time of your 9-year-old's birthday. Let him choose the movie, and then call his friends' moms and dads to let them know your plans. It will be more exciting if all the kids are seeing the movie for the first time. Remember to organize transport and save time by booking tickets in advance. The movie theater may offer a party package that includes games and food. This may not be the best choice for energetic boys who have been sitting for a while. Instead, plan an hour in the park, to help them burn off energy and build up an appetite for a visit to the pizza parlor.

Rent a Movie

Turn your home into a movie theater and rent a favorite movie. Create the atmosphere by providing low seating, dimming the lights and filling the house with the aroma of freshly made popcorn. Serve the popcorn in individual boxes with theater-sized sodas. To make the party even more special, rent a movie projector and screen. Visit for lists of age-appropriate movies to rent. Organize an activity break between the movie and the food. Nine-year-old boys enjoy scavenger hunts, and you can theme the hunt to match the movie. A glow-in-the-dark hunt would work well for a space or sci-fi movie. Theme food and decorations around the chosen movie. For a kids' horror movie, you can serve meatballs on spaghetti worms; for a pirate movie, golden doubloon nuggets.

Movie Making

Combine the kids' love of movies with their interest in gadgets and technology. Create a movie lot in your home. Make or buy a clapper board and fix a "director" sign to a chair. Provide props, lamps and a camera and help the kids turn their ideas into movies. Before the party, check out a movie-editing software package so that you can help with simple edits; a 9-year-old will soon master the process. Let the kids watch the finished movies and promise to make copies for each guest. Use red and white paper tableware to create a movie lot diner, serving hot dogs and burgers.

Invitations and Party Favors

Make or buy party invitations in the style of movie tickets or popcorn boxes. For favors, buy decorative, cardboard stars from craft stores or party suppliers. Personalize each with the recipient's name and fix to a party bag. Include small packs of popping corn, movie or rental vouchers, black sunglasses, small flashlights, glow sticks and personalized candy bars. You may also include items of official movie merchandise.