Airplane Party Ideas

Airplanes capture the imaginations of children of all ages, making them a logical choice as a party theme. The airplane party theme naturally lends itself to many fun decoration and activity ideas. It is an appropriate theme for both boys and girls. Customized party supplies add a unique touch to the airplane party.


Create invitations that look like an airline ticket. List the party information under headings such as Passenger, Destination and Departure Time. Use the last name of the birthday child in the name of the airline and include a catchy logo. For example, the invitations could read, "Smith Airlines: The airline that knows how to party."

Another option is to make the invitations look like passports. Purchase thin notepads or staple a few pieces of paper together with a construction paper cover. Decorate each one to look like a passport and include the party information inside.

A suitcase tag can double as a homemade airplane party invitation. Write the party information on a card and slide it into the window of the airplane tag.

A paper airplane can double as a party invitation. Fold a paper airplane with colorful paper. Write the party information on the wings. Flatten the paper airplane and place it in an envelope. The guests will have the relevant information and can fly the airplane.


Hang toy or paper airplanes around the room. Make a runway in the party room or in the backyard. Use either paper or a roll of plastic for the runway. Draw lines on the runway similar to a real runway. Create bunches of white balloons to create clouds. Make signs that would be seen in an airport. This could include concourses, gates and baggage claim. Place the party favors under the baggage claim sign. Place the gate signs over doors such as the bathroom or backyard doors.


Decorate a sheet cake as a runway. Use gray icing for the runway down the middle of the cake. Use green icing to create grass on either side. Place a clean toy airplane on the runway. The toy can be a present for the birthday child after the cake is cut.

Make a cupcake cake in the shape of an airplane. Place cupcakes on a cake board in the shape of an airplane. Carefully cover the cupcakes in one layer of gray icing. Add details to make the cake look like an airplane.

Decorate individual cupcakes with a swirl of icing. Add a small, plastic airplane toy or pilot wings on the top of each cupcake. The toys serve as both the decoration for the cupcake and the favor for the party guests.


Choose airplane-themed favors for the party guests. Balsa wood airplanes are inexpensive and can double as an activity at the party. Pilot wings are a fitting favor for the airplane party theme. Other ideas for airplane-themed party favors are toy airplanes, airplane stickers, a map or an airplane key chain.

Party Activities

Allow the party guests to make paper airplanes. Provide the paper and a book with directions for paper airplanes. Hold a paper airplane flying contest.

Hold a suitcase relay race. Divide the party guests into two groups. Position half of each group at one end of the area and the other half of each group at the opposite end. Use a small suitcase in the relay in place of a baton.

Allow the party guests to create their own postcards. Cut sturdy paper into postcards. Provide crayons, markers and stickers for the participants to use to create their personal postcards.

Thank You Cards

Take a picture of each party guest for the thank you cards. Set up a photo area. Paint white clouds on a blue sheet or large piece of paper. Make an airplane out of a cardboard box. Add wings and propellers using cardboard. Provide a pilot's hat for the photos. Take each child's picture in the airplane while wearing the pilot's hat. Send each child's photo in his thank you note as a keepsake.