Adult Birthday Activity Ideas

Ciaran Griffin/Lifesize/Getty Images

Adult birthday parties become more than just a fun get-together when activities and themes are planned. Adults enjoy party activities just as much as children, and with a little creativity you can turn an adult party into a memorable event for everyone. There are plenty of fun activities and ideas available when planning an adult birthday party.

Movie Themed Party

Plan activities around a favorite movie. Choose a favorite movie of the birthday person and theme the invitations around the movie. Invite party guests to dress in costume from the movie choice and plan the party as an after-dark event. Offer guests hot dogs, popcorn and movie candy as food choices. For drinks, offer guests slushies either spiked with alcohol or nonalcoholic. Put out blankets or lawn chairs in the backyard, hang a white sheet for a screen and project the movie for guests to enjoy. When choosing a movie from a specific time period like the 1950s, '60s or '70s, put together a mix of dance music from the period and follow the movie with the opportunity for guests to finish the night dancing to old favorites.

Wine Tasting Party

For the birthday person who enjoys wine, invite guests to bring a bottle of a favorite wine and to pair the wine with a favorite snack or dessert. Set up a wine tasting of the wines and provide guests with cards to rate the wine along with their pairings. For guests who are accustomed to wine tastings, have a regional favorites party or wines of the world party. On the wine themed invitations, assign each guest either a region of California, Texas, Italy or France. Another option is to provide each guest with a country. Guests will then bring a wine from the region or country they are assigned.

Spa Slumber Party

For a birthday girl, invite her best friends to a spa slumber party. Depending on the budget, either invite the group to meet at a favorite local day spa for facials, massages, manicures and pedicures or, provide guests with a variety of spa accouterments like nail polish, lotions and scrubs for the guests to do manicures, pedicures and facials on each other. Following the spa time, invite the guests to bring their pajamas with them and have a girls' night in slumber party with snacks, drinks and chick flick movies. In the morning, set out a continental breakfast before everyone.

Identity Guess

A great activity for a birthday person who is celebrating a milestone birthday is to hold a Identity Guess Party. Invite recent friends and invite old friends whom the birthday person has not seen for a long period of time. Surprise the guest of honor. As the evening unfolds, have old friends tell a story about how they know the guest of honor from behind a screen or something to hide their identity. Allow the guest of honor to guess who each person is. Guests will enjoy listening to old stories and the guest of honor will be surprised to see so many old friends and family members.