9 Beauty Tutorials for All of Your Halloween Parties


Halloween is the time of year when we're allowed to break some rules: we can strut our stuff like David Bowie, stick out our tongues like a happy puppy and bring a comic book character to life. All bets are off when it comes to a good costume! And since the holiday is celebrated over the course of October — and you have parties to attend almost every weekend — you need to make sure that you're not recycling the same ideas. From Snapchat filters that are totally on trend to skeleton makeup that will never go out of style, these creative tips will help you break the rules in all the right ways.

Snapchat, IRL

Transform yourself into a popular Snapchat filter this Halloween, and you'll have a costume people will definitely want to pose next to. Choose from the adorable puppy, festival-ready flower crown and cool rainbow face, and make sure your phone's battery is charged. Every once in a while, hold up your camera for a fun #selfie!


Pay Tribute to Your Late Celebrity Idol

Muhammad Ali, Prince, Gene Wilder and David Bowie — this is going to be the year of celebrity tribute Halloween costumes. If you're the ultimate Bowie fan, this simple Ziggy Stardust makeup tutorial is perfect, and you'll get bonus points if you wear a mind-bending bodysuit.

Megan Beauchamp

Come to the Rescue With a Hand-Drawn Costume

You'll look like you just jumped off the page of a comic book when you're done following this tutorial. Make an accompanying sign — like POW! or BAM! — to finish off your look.

Amanda Nguyen

Let It Go With a Braid Fit For a Queen

Slay like the queen you are and rock Elsa's trademark braid come Halloween. Tease your hair and add clip in extensions to achieve a braid fit for a sensation. And just try to keep from singing the Frozen soundtrack all night long.

Megan Beauchamp

A Little Face Paint Goes a Long Way

Did you get invited to a last-minute Halloween party and don't have time to think of a trendy costume? Just grab a few tubes of face paint and call it a day. This skeleton makeup is easy enough to do solo and can be paired with your favorite all-black ensemble for an instant costume.

Megan Beauchamp

A Game of Thrones Braid That's Cute Enough for Everyday

You never miss an episode of Game of Thrones, so it's only natural that you'd want to recreate Daenerys Targaryen's signature hairstyle for Halloween. This 'do is so cute and so easy, you'll be tempted to wear it again. Just loosen the finished braids and soften the curls to make this a cool, casual look.

Mary Avant

The Force is Calling You to Try This Costume

Use the force to channel Ray's hairstyle from the latest Star Wars movie, and you'll feel like a leading lady all night. Stick a few extra bobby pins in your pocket in case a few strands get loose from all your intergalactic dance moves.

Megan Beauchamp

This Easy Costume is the Cat's Meow

If there ever was a simple go-to costume, the kitty cat look is it. You can literally put this costume together in a matter of minutes, as long as you already have a pair of cat ears in your stash. Do your usual makeup routine, and then use liquid eyeliner for your nose and whiskers. If you're feeling extra fierce, add in a few leopard spots to make your costume stand out from the litter.

Megan Beauchamp

Bonus: Remove Your Makeup Before You Crash

Once the monster mash comes to an end, your bed will be calling your name. These all-natural makeup removers will get rid of your costume makeup without drying out your skin. Now that's a treat!

Stephanie Gerber