6-Year-Old Girl's Birthday Party Ideas

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A birthday is a pivotal day in the life of a 6-year-old girl. With cakes, presents and friends, a birthday party is a one-day celebration, turning the average day into a special event. Plan the party with her help, asking her advice on games, decorations, food and events to enjoy.

Fun in the Kitchen

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Buy creative flatware, a lively tablecloth and plastic bowls. Turn girls into mini chefs by buying small aprons and chef hats. If you want to be creative, decorate and personalize the items before giving them out. Make tiny bunt cakes before the girls arrive. Allot enough time for cakes to cool fully so icing can be put on smoothly. Lay out fun decorating items like M&Ms, gummy worms, sprinkles, candy corn and other bite-sized candies. Set bowls of icing out on the table; dye frosting before guests arrive for more fun. Pass out plastic butter knives and demonstrate how to spread frosting. Walk around the room as girls frost, helping them spread icing and preventing messes. Let them eat the cakes once finished.

Pretty in Pink

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Tell guests to wear something pink to the party, or buy pink shirts to hand out to girls as they arrive. If you plan to provide shirts, get sizes from their parents to ensure they fit. Buy cups, flatware, plates and a tablecloth in pink. Decorate with pink streamers and balloons; if you feel decorations are “too pink” offset colors with white. Get creative with the food, serving pink lemonade, cupcakes with pink frosting and sugar cookies with pink sprinkles. Play games like pin the tail on the princess, spoon races with dyed eggs and scavenger hunts for pink items. Let kids make jewelry with plastic beads in multiple shades of pink and buy a pink piñata for additional fun.

Carnival Party

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Send guests creative invitations in the shape of tickets; these can be made by computer or found in stores specializing on parties. Buy carnival-themed flatware; if none is available select items in red and white. Turn your backyard into a carnival by setting up a canopy. Tie colorful balloons to the poles and use streamers to decorate tables and canopy edges. Ask parents to take part in the carnival by becoming booth vendors. Set up folding tables beneath the canopy and cover them with colored tablecloths. Turn each table into an event such as beanbag toss, face painting, weight guess, balloon popping or a ring toss. Provide prizes to kids for winning games. Rent a cotton candy machine or popcorn maker for additional fun.

Slumber Party

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Slumber parties are an all-time favorite for young girls. Allowing them to stay up all night, play crazy games and tell scary stories, slumber parties are often unforgettable. Limit your child to a specific number of guests to invite. Take into consideration the size of your house, the cost of food and the personal stress when choosing the number of kids to invite. Organize games for the kids to enjoy. Food is a great way to go, allowing kids to decorate cupcakes, make sundaes or make their own pizzas. Truth or dare, pillow fights, dress up and miming are cheap and fun ways to go, and games like Twister, UNO and Clue will increase the fun.