The Calories in Olive Garden's Italian Dressing

by Pam Murphy

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Italian dressing is the standard dressing for Olive Garden's garden-fresh salad. You can purchase the signature dressing from your local Olive Garden restaurant, according to the company's website.


Olive Garden notes that 1 serving of Garden Fresh Salad without dressing has 120 calories. A 2-tbsp. serving of the signature Italian dressing contains 80 calories, 70 of which come from fat.


A 2-tbsp. serving provides 2 g carbohydrates and 8 g fat, including 1 g saturated fat, according to the restaurant's website. This serving also contains 5 mg cholesterol and 510 mg sodium.


Olive Garden offers a low-fat Italian dressing option that provides 2 g or less of fat per ounce, according to its website. The low-fat version is part of the restaurant's Garden Fare menu.

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