How to Order Pizza on a Low Cholesterol Diet

Just because you are watching your cholesterol doesn't mean you can't enjoy the great taste of a good pizza. There are many ways to cut down the amount of fat, grease and cholesterol intake on a pizza; it just takes a little planning and a little willingness to experiment with new toppings. There are several easy recipes you can find online to make healthy pizza at home and when you're at a restaurant, you can take easy steps to minimize your cholesterol intake.

Ask for less cheese. Cheese naturally contains high amounts of cholesterol. Even better, try a pizza with no cheese! While this may seem strange at first, it may allow you to try kinds of pizza you never have before.

Avoid meat toppings, which have the highest cholesterol content of all toppings. Simply skipping pepperoni or sausage can cut the cholesterol level on your pizza by half.

Add veggie toppings. Vegetables contain no cholesterol and or fat. Additionally, they are full of healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try vegetable toppings that add richness, such as caramelized onions and roast eggplant.

Avoid flavored, thick and stuffed crusts, which are higher in fat. Seasonings often require extra butter or oil to make them stick and thicker crusts require more dough, which in turn requires more oil in the mix and that means more cholesterol.

Avoid fast-food commercial chains in favor of authentic Italian restaurants, which generally prepare thin crust pizzas with healthier topping options and higher quality ingredients.