Personal Pan Pizza From Pizza Hut Nutritional Information

Homemade pan pizza

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Pizza Hut is famous for miniature pizzas made to order and designed to feed one person. But when making your daily dietary decisions, going the per-slice route may actually be better for you than ordering a personal pan pizza. Depending on the toppings, calorie values for one of these pies can vary by as many as 280 calories.


On the low end, a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza will run you about 550 calories, for either the Veggie Lover’s or Ham and Pineapple variety. On the high end, the personal Supreme pizza contains 720 calories, while the Triple Meat Italiano comes in at 730 calories. The Pizza Hut personal pan pizza containing the highest amount of calories is the Meat Lover’s pizza, weighing in at 830 calories, about 41.5 percent of the daily calories for the average person, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


Even on the low end, Pizza Hut’s personal pan pizzas pack a punch of fat. The Veggie Lover’s and Ham and Pineapple pizzas are loaded with 20 grams of fat, 8 of which are saturated fat. That’s about one third of the average person’s daily allotment of fat intake, according to the FDA’s dietary guidelines. As you start adding more toppings, especially meat, the total fat content increases. The Italian Sausage and Red Onion pizza contains 32 grams of fat – 12 saturated – and the Meat Lover’s pizza comes in at 46 total grams of fat, with 17 saturated. According to the FDA’s standards, that’s roughly 70 percent of your daily intake of fat, and 85 percent of the amount of saturated fat you should get in one day.


In terms of sodium, Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas have plenty. Once again on the low end, the Veggie Lover’s and Ham and Pineapple pizzas come in at 1,190 mg and 1,260 mg of sodium respectively. The FDA suggests you get no more than 2,400 mg of sodium in your diet each day, making both of these options account for about half of your daily allotment. A standard personal pepperoni pan pizza contains 1,410 mg, while the Meat Lover’s once again tips the scales at 2,110 mg of sodium.


If you're on a low-carb diet, this menu option certainly won't be friendly to you. Thanks to the dough, most personal pan pizzas pack a wallop of carbs. The Meat Lover's pizza is one of the lowest, containing 68 g of carbohydrates, while the Ham and Pineapple, Italian Sausage and Red Onion and the Hawaiian Luau personal pan pizzas come in at 71 g of carbohydrates per pizza. That's about 24 percent of the daily amount of carbs you should be getting in your diet, according to the FDA.


Ordering a personal pan pizza may help you feel like you’re getting more pizza for your money, but the trade-off might show up at your waistline. The personal pan pizzas weigh between 207 and 263 grams per serving, compared to around 150 grams per serving of a large pizza, or two slices. The larger serving sizes of the pan pizzas means you’re getting more calories, fat, sodium and carbohydrates. Next time you’re craving pizza, consider sharing a whole pizza among a group of friends rather than going on your own with a personal pan pizza if you’re watching your weight.