Calories in a Slice of Little Caesars Pizza

by Melodie Anne

You'll save about 85 calories by having a slice of thin-crust cheese instead of regular-crust cheese.

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While you may surely adore your local Little Caesars Pizza eatery, you might not be aware of how many calories you’re actually getting from your favorite slice of pie. In general, the thicker the crust and the more meat you pile on top, the more calories you're getting.

Regular-Crust Pizza

If you snag one slice of Little Caesars cheese pizza from a 14-inch regular-crust pie, you’ll get about 235 calories. But if you opt for a slice of pepperoni pizza from the same size of pizza, you’ll consume around 245 calories. The supreme pie -- loaded with mushrooms, onions, peppers, sausage and pepperoni -- contains nearly 280 calories in one slice from a 14-inch regular-crust pizza.

Other Varieties

Splurging and ordering the deep-dish variety of Little Caesars pizza ups your calorie intake even more. A slice of cheese pizza from a 14-inch deep dish gives you almost 270 calories. You’ll get over 275 calories from a slice of pepperoni deep dish pizza. Rather than getting a big chunk of your daily calories from a couple slices of deep dish pizza, order the thin crust. A slice of thin-crust cheese pizza from a 14-inch pie provides less than 150 calories.

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