High Fiber Fast Foods

by Joshua Duvauchelle

Though fast foods offer a convenient meal, they’re sometimes lacking in healthy substances. For example, many fast food items are low in fiber. Your body needs fiber for proper digestion, and it also helps keep you feeling full. Thankfully, several fast food meals available in nationwide fast food chains offer the convenience of a quick meal without sacrificing fiber content.

Starbucks Power Protein Plate With Peanut Butter

Dr. Tanya Zuckerbrot, M.S., R.D., recommends Starbucks’ pre-packaged meal. The fresh fruit and whole-grain bagel in the packaged plate provide 5g of dietary fiber, while the rest of the meal gives you vitamins and protein. She concludes that it’s a “great option for dieters.”

McDonald’s Angus Burger

Sit underneath this fast food chain's iconic golden arches and bite into an angus beef burger, which yields 4g of fiber. The chain reports that this is 16 percent of your recommended daily value of dietary fiber. Add a side of large fries, and you’ll get an additional 6g of fiber, or 24 percent of your daily value. The best McDonald's dessert product for fiber is the golden bran and raisin muffin, which yields 8g of fiber.

Burger King Veggie Burger

If you opt for this meatless burger, you'll get 7g of fiber. This is two to three times more fiber than you'll get in most of the fast food chain's other burger products. Add a side of large onion rings and you'll get an extra 5g of fiber.


The best fiber-rich sandwiches at the Subway fast food joint are the oven roasted chicken, roast beef and Subway club. In foot-long form on wheat bread, all three sandwiches net you 11g of dietary fiber each.

Wendy’s Baja Salad

When you order a meal at Wendy's, the best choice for high fiber is the Baja Salad. A standard-sized version of the salad offers up 12g of dietary fiber. The high fiber content comes from the meal’s focus on vegetables.

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