Things to Do With Prego Sauce

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Tomato sauces are not just for spaghetti. Prego sauce is a tomato-based spaghetti sauce with Italian herbs that has many uses in the kitchen for preparing meals. Campbell Soup makes the sauce with a variety of seasonings and after you find the kinds you or your family enjoys, it's easy to use the sauce in a variety of meals, for easy meals or more elaborate layered casseroles. Tomato sauces are good sources of lycopene, a substance that may help humans avoid macular degeneration or some types of cancer.


Prego sauce makes a quick sauce for homemade pizza. Besides saving time and money, making your own pizza helps you control the calories in the pizza, increasing the health benefits. You can choose lower-calorie cheese to top the pizza and drain the fat from sausage or pepperoni before adding them to the pizza. Prepared pizza crusts are available in grocery stores or you can make your own by making yeast bread dough. If you make your own bread dough, you can also make calzones by shaping the pizza dough into 6-inch circles; add the fillings to half the dough, fold the other half of the circle over the filled side, and pinch it down with your fingers.

Layered Casseroles

Lasagna and chicken, veal or eggplant parmesan rely on tomato sauces. These dishes incorporate ricotta cheese mixed with beaten eggs, followed by layers of pasta, vegetables or meat, depending on the recipe. These casseroles are typically topped with an extra layer of Prego sauce and a layer of parmesan cheese, topped by shredded mozzarella cheese, which are then baked until the sauce bubbles and the cheese starts to brown. Salads and toasted garlic bread make good accompaniments for these meals.

Soups or Stews

Adding some Prego sauce to a beef-, chicken- or sausage-based soup or stew gives it more body. Many vegetables work well with Prego sauce, like carrots, onions, celery, all kinds of peppers, zucchini and even potatoes. Prego sauce in vegetable-based soups like minestrone can bring up the flavor or adding the sauce to baked beans or bean soup can enhance the flavor and nutritional content.


Simmer Italian sausages or meatballs in Prego sauce until the center of the meat reaches 165 degrees F. You can sauté some onions and green peppers to top the sandwiches. Hoagie buns are sturdy enough to hold the meat and sauce, and the vegetable topping provides more vitamins and flavor. You can also melt mozzarella on top of the sandwiches or sprinkle them with grated parmesan cheese. Vegetarians can dip bread sticks in warmed Prego sauce with melted cheese on top.