3 Different Boot Styles and How to Wear Them

As boot season arrives, you might be wondering which styles work for you. Since each type of boot comes with several styling options, you can easily find a pair that fit your body type and style preferences. Here are a few styling suggestions for ankle-, calf- and knee-high boots for the fall season.

Ankle boots pair easily with skinny jeans or pants. Whether your ankle boots are heeled or flat, this boot style allows more leg length and visual room for layering on top.

Wear a tunic or loose sweater and add a vest or jacket to dress it up. If you have a pair of wide-leg or boot-cut pants that are slightly too long, an ankle boot can give you the added height you need to make them work. Or pair them with a dress and a fedora for an alternative to your everyday casual look.

Best of all, ankle boots complement both narrow and curvier legs, if you choose the right style.

Calf-high boots can be tricky to pull off. Because they can visually shorten your legs, you should choose a dress that falls to mid-thigh or skinny pants with a waist-length top to provide balance to calf-high boots.

For especially muscular or narrow legs, find a boot with a width that doesn’t drown or restrict your calves; aim for just slightly wider than your leg width. Black is always slimming, and lighter tones can offer a fuller appearance. When in doubt, leggings and a long tunic top usually succeed with this length boot.

When wearing knee-high boots, your legs can easily disappear if your shirt or dress is too long. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 6 inches of leg to show between the top of the boot and the bottom of the upper layers. Knee-high boots work well over skinny jeans with a waist-length cape or jacket, which is a great way to comfortably dress up for cooler temps.

Which is your favorite boot to wear during the fall months?

Photos credits: Haley Sheffield and Chelsey Heidorn

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