2 Beach-Ready Braid Tutorials

During the summer months, we are constantly by the water. If you’re heading to the beach, pool or lake, these two hairstyles have been tried and tested to stay put for hours!

Surf-Safe French Braided Side Chignon

You can create this wet-hair style after you’ve been in the water as a chic way to pull your hair back whether you’re lounging on the sand or hitting the surf.

Step 1. Wet your hair and spray with leave in-conditioner (I like to use It’s a Ten). This is a great way to keep your hair detangled while strengthening it at the same time.

Step 2. Start a French braid at the top left side of your head and continue the braid toward the right.

Step 3. Continue to braid all the way through until you reach the ends of your hair.

Step 4. Twist the braid around into a bun and secure with an elastic hairband. If you have thick hair, use a second hairband to ensure the style is secure.

This is so tight and secure that it’s even surf safe! Ready for the next tutorial?

Double Twist Beach Braid

Step 1. Spray leave-in conditioner and distribute evenly through hair using your fingers (see above). Split your hair down the middle and braid one side. Secure with a hairband.

Step 2. Braid down the other side. Take out the hairbands and hold the ends of both braids.

Step 3. Twist the braids around each other tightly.

Step 4. When you get close to the ends of your hair, pull out three sections to braid the rest of the way. Secure with a hairband.

That’s all it takes! You can still have a fun, stylish ‘do while you beach bum! (Surf, volleyball, swim, and maybeee even water ski proof ;))

Photo credits: Gabe Liesemeyer

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