Calories in Burger King Chicken Nuggets

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Burger King opened for business in 1954 with the flame-broiled burger. Other sandwiches were introduced in 1978, including the fish and chicken sandwich, according to Burger King's website. To compete with McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, Burger King introduced its own chicken nugget called the Chicken Tender in 1986.

Four-Piece Chicken Tenders

The Chicken Tenders at Burger King are crown-shaped, to resemble Burger King’s mascot. A four-piece serving has 180 calories, according to the Burger King website. The four-piece chicken tenders are part of the BK Value Menu.

Five-Piece Chicken Tenders

A five-piece serving of Burger Chicken Tenders has 230 calories. A small order of Burger King French fries will add an additional 340 calories. For the calorie watcher, a side salad with Ken’s fat-free Italian dressing adds 260 calories.

Eight-Piece Chicken Tenders

Chicken may seem like a healthier choice at a fast food restaurant, but an eight-piece serving of Burger King chicken tenders has 360 calories and 21 g of fat, while a Whopper Jr. has 340 calories and 20 g of fat, notes the Burger King website.

Chicken Fries

Burger King offers another type of chicken nugget called the Chicken Fry. It was introduced in 2005 as an alternative to French fries. Chicken Fries are white meat chicken shaped like a French fry. They come in 6, 9 or 12 pieces. A six-piece serving of Chicken Fries contains 250 calories, a nine-piece serving has 380 calories and a 12-piece serving has 500 calories.

The nine-piece Chicken Fries are also available as a value meal. A small BK Chicken Fry value meal with a small order of French fries and a small Coke has 930 calories, according to Burger King. The regular Coke can be changed for a Diet Coke to save 210 calories. However, changing the small order of fries to a small garden salad will only save 10 calories.


Six different sauces are offered with both the Chicken Tenders and the Chicken Fries. The Buffalo and Honey Mustard sauce will add an additional 90 calories, according to Burger King. The Burger King BBQ sauce is the lowest calorie sauce choice, with 40 calories. A package of Zesty Sauce has 60 calories. People watching their calories may want to stay away from the ranch sauce, one package has 140 calories. A container of Burger King Sweet-n-Sour sauce has 50 calories.