What Color Heels Go With a Woman's Dark-Brown Pant Suit?

LouieBaxter/iStock/Getty Images

When you're donning a dark-brown pant suit, its chocolate-y hue creates a rich appearance that calls for equally stunning shoes. However, styling around a head-to-toe brown ensemble can be a bit troubling when you're accustomed to colors completely lacking pigment, such as black or gray. Consider some heel color ideas that play well with a dark-brown pant suit for a sartorial step in the right direction.


For a streamlined appearance without too much guesswork, go for a tonal look. Reach for a pair of brown boots that match your suit as closely as possible; or look for brown boots/booties in a shade or two lighter than your suit's fabric. Add a white blouse for a classic look; or add one more shade of brown for an allover tonal effect.


Gravitating toward metallic heels is a simple way to maintain neutral footwear while adding bold interest to your ensemble. Stick with natural metal colors such as bronze, yellow gold or rose gold for a surefire method of creating a cohesive look. Visualize yourself in your brown suit with a cream-hued knit shirt and bronze metallic pumps. Or, imagine you've added an ice gray knit top to your suit -- reach for a pair of silver metallic d'Orsay heels for the finishing touch.


So you've heard the age-old tale that you cannot wear black and brown together; fortunately, this belief is a rule of the past. Adding a pair of black heels to your outfit is always a safe bet, even when you're donning a dark-brown suit. Add a black cowl-neck blouse, and finish with a pair of black leather or suede pumps. Or, maybe you're wearing a brown-and-black printed shirt. Step into black stiletto-heel boots for a chic take on the pant suit.


Adding a pop of color with brown can cause a bit of hesitation -- orange, for example, can end up creating a Thanksgiving-inspired look in the middle of spring. If you want to add some color without straying too far from work-appropriate attire, opt for a pair of red heels. This classic color choice pairs beautifully with dark brown and will get an extra lift if you go for a red lip or red manicure as well.