Young Women's Professional Summer Dress

by Sara Cantu

Valesca Hermes sports a neutral sheath paired with neutral accessories -- a look ideal for the office.

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Hot summer weather presents new opportunities for young woman to dress stylishly at work. Beat the heat by sporting chic outfits utilizing lightweight clothing and no-fuss silhouettes. From sophisticated sheath dresses to bold and bright prints, pairing easygoing pieces with the proper accessories results in a wide variety of weather-appropriate outfits to see you through the season looking perfectly polished.

Dress for Success

Polished dresses are a wonderful way to stay cool at the office during the hot summer months. Summertime allows for a bit more leeway with showing skin at the office, so sleeveless styles are totally acceptable to rock. However, thin straps, strapless styles and anything that bares the chest or back is not appropriate unless worn with a blazer or cardigan. Bright-colored sleeveless sheath and shift dresses look professional but fashionable when paired with neutral accessories like black or beige high heels. When rocking a neutral sheath in black or white, opt for splashes of bright color in the form of a bright shoe or handbag to add depth to the outfit. A-line dresses in bold colors and sophisticated patterns are suitable options for the office as well.

Totally Suitable Suits

For a modern take on the classic pantsuit, try a shorter version to showcase your style chops. Choose a bright blazer with matching shorts or a cropped pants combination to make a style statement at the office. Pair these pieces with chic neutrals and accessorize with printed bags or shoes for extra flair. For a casual spin on this stylish ensemble, mix and match these pieces with laid-back pairings like cool vintage T-shirts and body-con skirts if your office environment will allow it. If your work environment is conservative, stick to sophisticated neutral pieces and select one bright piece to liven things up.

Pretty Prints

Florals, abstracts and other whimsical prints like bird print perfectly complement the fun-spirited vibe of summer. These bold pieces work well with anything from skirts to high-waist trousers, so experiment with different pairings to find those that are just your style. Bright pants in blue or red pair fabulously with printed tops in corresponding colors. From solid chiffon blouses to crisp button-downs, pairing these styles with printed pants and high heels makes for an ultra stylish and chic outfit as well.

Skirting the Issue

A laid-back skirt and blouse combination is ideal for the sweltering summer months. Whether a form-fitting pencil skirt in a bright shade, a pleated knee-length or a short and flouncy style, pair summer skirts with a variety of stylish tops for endless warm weather outfits. Add a belt to this combination to bring the entire look together. For a more sophisticated ensemble, add a blazer and simple, neutral pumps to take you through the heat in impeccable style.

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