Women's Shoes That Look Good on Men

What a person considers good-looking or attractive is subjective. However, shoes that look good on both men and women are readily available. Whether you're looking for women's shoes as part of a drag queen act or simply have small feet for a man, you can find stylish shoes to fit your needs. Many shoes are unisex, which will allow both men and women to wear the same styles, while others are strictly made for women. Some stores carry larger-sized women's shoes to cater to men who want to wear them.


Oxfords can be appropriate for both men and women. These low-heeled lace-up shoes resemble very basic tennis shoes but are typically made of leather. Oxfords come in loud statement colors like purple or yellow as well as basic brown and black. You can even find patent leather Oxfords, if that strikes your fancy. While the shoes themselves are unisex, the louder colors are more often made for women, and men who wish to wear colorful Oxfords can select women's models.

Tennis Shoes

Unisex tennis shoes are readily available; high-top or low-top basketball shoes and simple canvas sneakers are well-known styles. While these shoes are supposedly unisex, you'll find that more often women's shoes come in brighter and more diverse colors. As with Oxfords, you can find women's tennis shoes embellished with glitter or sequins and available in colors such as pink, purple and light blue. If a man is looking for a feminine tennis shoe, these are the way to go.


Loafers are made for both men and women and saw their heyday in the 1950s and 1960s. However, they have made a comeback, and men and women wear them with both casual and dressy outfits. While the shoes themselves are unisex in appearance, men who have trouble finding shoes in men's sizes can shop the women's department to purchase smaller shoes. Depending on the brand, many loafers are identically styled for men and women.

High Heels

High heels can be difficult to find for some women, let alone men that would like to wear them. However, special stores cater to men who are transgendered, drag queens or looking to wear women's shoes for any reason. These stores carry extended sizes, as many men can't wear the largest sizes available in women's stores, usually 11s or 12s. Some specific drag stores will carry high heels in all shapes, sizes and colors.