Winter Rum Drinks

Lew Robertson/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

When the weather starts to chill, people tend towards fireplaces, hearty bowls of stew, and hot drinks. Rum, especially the darker and spiced varieties, is a favorite addition to winter cocktails, as it takes well to being heated, and has a natural affinity for warm winter spices like cinnamon and cloves. Popular winter rum drinks are hits at any holiday party, or can simply be enjoyed curled up with a favorite book.

Hot Apple Cider with Rum

Hot apple cider is one of the simple pleasures of fall and winter; spiked with rum it warms the insides from head to toes. Heat your favorite apple cider and add an apple spiked with cloves, brown sugar, allspice, nutmeg, and rum, and ladle into mugs.

Hot Buttered Rum

If you’ve never had hot buttered rum, it may sound strange to add pats of butter to your cocktail. But one sip of this decadent winter rum drink and it will quickly become a holiday favorite. To make at home, combine rum, butter and honey, and top with hot water. Hot buttered rum can also be made in large batches for parties.

Hot Milk Punch

This somewhat obscure winter rum cocktail combines warm milk with dark rum, brandy, and nutmeg, for an ideal cold weather nightcap. For a variation on this, try adding molasses and ground ginger in place of the brandy.

Hot Toddy

One of the most well known of all hot winter rum drinks, "hot toddy" is often used to describe any variation of warm cocktail. The basic recipe calls for heated rum, simple syrup, and lemon. Cinnamon sticks and/or honey can be added for a particularly festive holiday touch.

Rum Eggnog

Eggnog may be the most iconic of all winter drinks. While you can simply add rum to store-bought eggnog, it’s simple and rewarding to make your own. Combine an egg, milk, rum, and powdered sugar in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, and shake. Top with fresh grated nutmeg and you have a comforting holiday classic.