How to Make a Crown and Coke


A_N/iStock/Getty Images

Crown and Coke is as classic as the purple cloth bag the cocktail's namesake whiskey is sold in. Crown Royal produces six whiskeys, not including limited-edition varieties, but only one makes up half of this classic drink: Crown Royal Deluxe, the original whiskey first produced in 1939. You can deviate from the traditional Crown-and-Coke taste by substituting Crown Royal Black, a 90-proof whiskey, or Crown Royal Maple, a whiskey finished in a maple-toasted cask; both add their own character to the cocktail. Refrain from using exclusive varieties, such as Crown Royal XO and Crown Royal Extra Rare -- these gems are best savored as is.

Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes.

Pour 1 part, which you can measure in a 1 1/2-ounce jigger, of Crown Royal Classic over the ice.

Pour 4 parts of Coca-Cola over the ice.

Mix with a stir stick, and imbibe.