Do White Flour Tortillas Need to Be Refrigerated?

by Christina Kalinowski
Tightly seal unused tortillas in a bag to keep them fresher, longer.

Tightly seal unused tortillas in a bag to keep them fresher, longer.

You can find flour tortillas in three completely different areas of a grocery store: in the aisle alongside other breads, in the Mexican foods section and in the refrigerated section. This may make you unsure of how to properly store these tortillas, but it's fairly simple.

Refrigerated Tortillas

If you buy your tortillas from the refrigerated section, you should store them in the refrigerator -- both opened and unopened -- as the expiration date printed on the package is specific to that method of storage. Storing refrigerated tortillas at room temperature may introduce moisture and humidity, which could result in mold growth before the expiration date.

Room-Temperature Tortillas

If you purchase your tortillas from a shelf at the grocery store where they're stored at room temperature, you can either store them at room temperature or refrigerate them once opened. The tortillas will last at room temperature until the date printed on the package, but their shelf life can be extended beyond that when refrigerated.

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