How to Make Pre-Made Frosting Softer

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Softening frosting is a must if you have to ice spongy soft or moist and tender homemade cupcakes or cakes. Some brands of pre-made frosting, while quick and convenient, are denser than others, and all brands tend to harden when refrigerated or stored in a cool pantry. Luckily, there are a few swift, simple methods to soften pre-made frosting.

Achieving Silky Pre-Made Frosting

The simplest method of softening frosting is to allow the can of frosting to come to room temperature; stir before using. For softer frosting that is roughly the consistency of mousse, microwave the entire container of frosting for 15 to 30 seconds. Pre-made frosting typically come in microwave-safe plastic containers, but be sure to remove the lid and foil before microwaving. If you desire extra-creamy frosting, mix in some instant pudding and milk. Beat on medium speed for a minute.