How to Grill Tortilla Bread

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If you can't make fresh corn or flour tortillas, grilled tortillas are the next best option. When grilled, tortillas become more firm, which makes them eminently suitable for wrapping meats with a lot of sauce or moist ingredients. In addition, you simply can't beat the smoky taste of a grilled tortilla for a grilled meat taco, such as a flaky whitefish taco or savory grilled chicken taco. Grilling tortillas requires very little time and no special knowledge of grilling.

Turn the grill to medium-high heat or 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Do this after you have taken the meat off of the grill, if you are also grilling meat for tacos.

Baste both sides of the tortillas with the olive oil.

Set the oiled tortillas onto the grill, ensuring that they do not overlap, and grill them for 30 seconds per side if you would like your tortillas to remain flexible or one minute on each side for stiff tortillas suitable for making tostadas.

Remove the tortillas from the grill with grill tongs.

Fill the tortillas with the taco meat or other ingredients, or place them in a tortilla warmer. Serve warm.