How to Wrap Tortillas in Foil

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Wrap Tortillas in Foil. When you make fajitas or soft shell tacos, nothing is better than a nice warm tortilla wrapping around your flavorful meats and vegetables. However, an ice-cold tortilla that you have just taken out of the fridge is not so good. Here are some tips on how you can wrap tortillas in foil so that they stay nice and warm and ready to serve for your next Latin American inspired meal.

Lay out a piece of tin foil. Make sure the tin foil is long enough that you can double it over the tortillas and cover them completely. If not, use two smaller pieces of foil, laying one on top of another.

Place your tortillas in the middle of the foil.

Fold the foil over itself and seal it all around the edges so that no part of the tortillas are exposed.

Place the tortillas in the oven at a temperature of 250 degrees and allow to rest there until you serve dinner. (Don't leave them in the oven longer than 15 minutes as they will start to get hard.)


  • You can use this trick with hard shell tacos as well. Simply wrap them in foil, place them in the oven, and your tacos will be ready to rock for your tex-mex recipe. This is a good job for children to do if they would like to help out in the kitchen. Just make sure that they don't burn themselves when putting the tortillas in the oven.

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