What to Wear to a Casual 40th Class Reunion


0:05 hi there I'm Kara Birkenstock from your

0:08 gal Kara and today we're at traffic

0:10 women at the Beverly Center I'm going to

0:12 show you what to wear to a casual 40th

0:15 class reunion now just because the

0:17 invitation says casual doesn't mean your

0:20 look has to be frumpy with just a few

0:22 key pieces you could put together an

0:24 outfit that's comfortable stylish and

0:26 chic now an example here is on my

0:29 beautiful model a day I've paired a

0:32 great outfit that would be good for day

0:33 or for night we've started with a

0:35 beautiful pair of black skinny jeans

0:37 they fit her body amazingly and would

0:40 pretty much go great with any top but

0:42 this is a standout here this beautiful

0:44 silk whimsical boho tank talked with

0:47 this tweed blazer this really makes the

0:49 outfit pop it has beautiful metallic

0:51 detailing gorgeous stitching and

0:53 embellishments a great chunky silver

0:56 zipper as well as pops of color all

0:58 throughout now the fun part of course is

1:01 the handbag this is a beautiful leather

1:03 coral handbag that just really

1:05 complements the entire ensemble so from

1:08 head to toe she's good to go for a

1:09 daytime or evening class reunion now

1:12 remember going to a class reunion is all

1:14 about confidence so whatever you wear

1:17 just decide to be confident and

1:19 beautiful and you'll be good to go I'm

1:21 Kara Birkenstock from your gal Kara

1:23 coming to you from traffic at the

1:25 Beverly Center showing you what to wear

1:27 to a casual 40th class reunion

1:34 you