What to Wear in Las Vegas Clubs

What women should wear to go clubbing in Las Vegas depends on many factors: current trends, fashion rules and the type of club, just to name a few. Each part of the outfit is important, from the top to the bottom, but there are certain style rules that should be followed in all cases. You have to dress fun to have fun!


As long as your dress shows the right amount of skin, it doesn't matter whether it was made by Dior or H&M. Short dresses are in for clubbing, and if you have the legs to pull it off, skip the leggings and go for a high-heeled sandal.


If you don't trust your legs enough to pull of mini-dresses, go with tight pants or crops and a low cut shirt. Again, heels are essential.

Pool Parties

With the weather warming up, several of the clubs in Vegas are going for the pool party theme. Some of these are the Rehab at the Hard Rock, Tao's Pool and the Bungalows at the Palms. These parties are swimsuit attire. Ladies in bikinis are welcome!


For the fashion-conscious club goer, heels are essential. Yes, they will make your feet hurt, but sneakers after 6 p.m. are a fashion no-no. Heels, however, can turn a normal pair of dark denim jeans into clubwear if done right.


Clubs will let you in with less than perfect couture. They want people to fill their dance floors, and they will overlook sneakers with a fun outfit and women in almost office attire. However, better dressed women have been rumored to jump the line and score more free drinks.


There is one club in Vegas that is the exception to most of the rules, and that is Stoney's Rockin Country. The dancing is faster, flat boots are often the rule, and jeans are a staple--as long as they are worn with a cute country top.

Easy Way to Find Dress Code

If you are confused about what to wear to the club that you are going to tonight, the easiest way to find out is to go to that club's website. Almost every club's site will have photo albums. Feel free to steal the other clubgoers' looks (see Resources).