What Is Sparkling Cider Made of?

champagne image by Danielle Bonardelle from Fotolia.com

Sparkling cider is a popular nonalcoholic way to celebrate festive occasions. This fizzy drink looks similar to champagne and is often served at holiday dinners, parties and on New Year’s Eve.


Sparkling cider is made primarily from apple juice or apple cider which has been carbonated to give it a soda-like mouth feel. Optional additions can include sugar or other added sweeteners, vitamin C and preservatives.

Cider vs. Juice

Apple cider is essentially liquid from an apple in its purest form; it is not filtered and sometimes isn’t pasteurized. In contrast, apple juice is filtered, pasteurized and vacuum-packed to give it a longer shelf life. Water is often added to apple juice, as well as vitamins and preservatives.


Apple juice or cider can be mixed with another fruit juice to create numerous flavors of sparkling cider. Variations include apple-raspberry, apple-peach, apple-pear, apple-cranberry and apple-grape.