What Is Ceviche?


0:00 KEILLY MORRIS: Hi, my name is Keilly Morris. Today, I'm here with expertvillage.com, and

0:06 we are in my kitchen shooting live. So I just want to thank you guys for logging on and

0:14 checking out my secrets, my recipes. These are some of the foods that inspire me the

0:18 most. Just to give you a little background on myself, I just moved here from the East

0:23 Coast. Currently, I'm in sunny bright California right now, but I moved from the East Coast,

0:28 had a lot of influences from different restaurants that I've worked in, such as the Carlyle Grand

0:33 Cafe, all my friends over there in Shirlington as well as Extra Virgin, another great restaurant

0:41 that I worked at. So in my years of working as a waiter and throughout the course of time,

0:47 I developed a lot of recipes, a lot of secrets, and I want to bring it right to you to let

0:52 you guys know that it's not that hard. You could make this stuff right in your house.

0:56 So today, we're going to be doing something that's one of my favorites. It's a classic

1:00 ceviche. Today, we're going to use shrimp. So ceviche usually calls for scallops. You

1:06 can use calamari, squid, clams, whatever your choice or preference is. I like to go with

1:14 something that's very universal for everyone. So I'm going to do a shrimp ceviche. Now,

1:19 if you have any friends over who are having like shellfish allergies or anything like

1:24 that, you can always go with scallops just to--even some type of flatfish as well. So

1:31 ceviche--that's the wonderful thing about it. You can create it and make it into your

1:36 own type of party. So I'm going to be going with that today.