What Is a Slide Hair Cut?

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A slide haircut is a method of cutting the hair for a softer edge rather than a blunt line. It works well for longer lengths and for thick hair. A slide cut is a great technique for shorter layers on long hair without compromising the length.


Slide cutting is when the scissors slide smoothly along the edge of the hair. The scissors remain open when slide cutting the hair.


Slide haircuts can thin the hair. It is also used to create shorter layers on long hair without compromising the length. It creates texture to short and long lengths.


The main misconception people have about slide cutting is that it can be performed on all types of hair. Hair that is thinning or extremely fine will not benefit from this technique. The hair will appear too thin. Hair that is damaged or wiry will not benefit from sliding. It will only create more frizz.


Slide haircuts, whether it is used to create layers or merely for texturizing, adds movement and removes bulk.

Expert Insight

Slide haircuts give stylists more opportunities to create unique and personalized cuts.