What Type of Knife to Carve Prime Rib?

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A beautifully roasted prime rib deserves an appropriate knife for carving. The right knife will not only enhance the presentation, but allow you to carve thin, even slices for your guests. While there are many types of knives on the market, some are designed specifically for carving meat.

Slicing Knives

Also known as carving knives, these vary in blade lengths, widths and styles but are all designed for slicing cooked meat. Consider a blade length of 10 to 12 inches for prime rib and a knife edge with uniform “hollows” or scalloping, also known as a Granton edge. This type of edge facilitates even slicing without tearing the meat. Once you have chosen a style of knife, the rest comes down to personal choice. A knife should feel comfortable in your grip and have good balance and weight.

Carving Prime Rib

Carving prime rib properly doesn't take expert skills, just a little finesse. For the best results, let the roast rest for 10 minutes after cooking to allow the juices to redistribute. Rest the prime rib on its end and carefully slice the meat free from the bone, leaving only the roast. Secure the roast with one hand and carve thin, even slices with as few strokes as possible and without pushing down too hard on the meat -- let the knife do the work to prevent tearing the meat.