What Happens When You Leave Hair Dye in for Too Short of a Time?


0:04 hi I'm Terri Stephens a hair stylist

0:08 with over 10 years of experience and

0:10 today we're at tech salon and spa in

0:12 Costa Mesa California in this clip I'm

0:15 going to tell you what happens when hair

0:17 color is not left on long enough there

0:19 are two things that can happen when

0:21 lightening hair if you under process the

0:23 color you may end up with unwanted

0:26 brassy golden or red tones in the hair

0:28 if you under process color when you're

0:30 darkening you may end up with a result

0:33 that is dull lacks shine and luster and

0:36 if you're covering gray the gray hair

0:38 may end up looking transparent and not

0:40 completely covered I always recommend

0:43 reading the manufacturer's instructions

0:44 when coloring hair so that you can

0:47 always process according to the

0:49 manufacturer's processing time I also

0:52 recommend that when making a dramatic

0:53 change to your hair color you always see

0:55 a professional for the very best results

0:57 and that's what happens when you don't

0:59 process your hair color long enough

1:05 you