What Do You Write on a Baby Shower Cake?

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Although the gift-opening portion of a baby shower can be entertaining, many guests long for the unveiling -- and subsequent eating -- of the cake. It's easy to take the simple, traditional route when choosing what to have written on the cake, but if you're the creative type, let your imagination run wild and get the cake lettered with words that the party's guests will remember.

Create Anticipation

The women who attend the baby shower are excited about the arrival of the little one, and you can play on this anticipation with the message on the cake. Humorous approaches that should elicit some chuckles are "Coming soon to a maternity ward near you" or "Coming soon to your hearts." Another anticipatory phrase, "A special delivery has almost arrived," helps the cake stand out from those at typical baby showers.

Rhyme Your Message

The baby shower cake is a suitable venue for a short rhyme about the soon-to-be-born child. Phrases such as "Diapers and pins, now the fun begins" and "We're excited as can be that the family will soon be three" provide a lighthearted expression of your excitement. If you don't know the gender of the baby, a rhyme that plays on this intrigue, such as "A B C D, which will it be?" is ideal.

Messages for Boys

If you know your friend or family member is having a boy, it's logical to have the cake decorated with blue icing. Rather than just providing a generic message, tailor the greeting to the baby's gender. Message such as "Your little boy -- a bundle of joy" or "Showers of joy for your baby boy" tie the cake's message directly to the baby. Another phrase, "Baby in blue -- we welcome you," conveys the group's excitement for the baby's birth.

Message for Girls

A cake with pink icing and a message specifically related to baby girls is ideal if the baby is female. Something such as "Welcome, baby girl -- we can't wait to see your curls," "Little girls are a mother's blessing" or "Little girls and their cute feet are enough to make the family complete" are appropriate. Another phrase, "Congrats, mom-to-be and her sweet, wee pea" honors the baby and mother.