How to Plan a Pamper's Party for a Man

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Baby showers are not just for mothers and their women friends any more. Fathers-to-be are increasingly looking to celebrate the coming bundle of joy with a party of their own. While couples baby showers can be fun, too, planning a men's only baby shower gives father's and their male friends a chance to engage in a bit of bonding before the new baby changes everything. Like traditional baby showers, gifts of needed items, such as diapers, will still be de rigour.

Establish a budget for the party. Once a budget is established, you can plan according to the funds available.

Create a list all of the friends and family the father would love to have at his Pampers party. Dad, brother, best friend and college roommate are a few men that must be on the guest list. Write down their names and email addresses.

Develop a theme that will appeal to the father and his friends. Consider designing the party around the father's favorite recreational sport, such as golf or bowling. Backyard barbecues and poker games are favorite Pampers party themes for men. If the party will be held at home, consider adding games that the men can play, like Guess the Chocolate, where different chocolate bars are melted into a baby diaper and passed around to see who guesses correctly. Other game ideas include a toy-assembly race or betting on whether the baby arrives on schedule or not. Choose decor that matches the theme, such as a checkered tablecloth for barbecues.

Set a date for the party. Most baby showers are set one month from the expected due date to ensure that the mother doesn't go into labor during the party. However, another reason for setting the party date so close to the due date is because it is out of the danger zone for miscarriage. Consider setting the party date no earlier than the beginning of the third trimester.

Secure a location for the Pampers party. If the party is centered around a game of golf, set up a tee time. Reserve a lane at a bowling alley or a pool table at a favorite night spot for the daddy-to-be.

Develop a menu that can be served at the party location. Depending on the food preferences of the father and his fellas, include barbecue chicken wings, beer and don't forget a cake! Cakes can be made in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Consider adding a cake made to look like a baby in a diaper or a diaper basket for the party.

Send out email invitations four to six weeks prior to the party. Ask guests to RSVP so that preparation of the menu can be adjusted accordingly. Request that guests bring diapers for different stages of the baby's diaper wearing years. Add a request for additional gifts such as favorite childhood toys or books as desired.