Wedding Reception Games and Activities

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Wedding receptions are known for food, drinks and dancing. Make yours stand out, compared to the typical reception, by adding entertaining games and activities to the festivities. Games and activities give everyone, regardless of age or relation to the wedded couple, something to participate in.

Marriage Advice

Give each wedding reception guest the opportunity to give out marriage advice to the bride and groom. Put one index card and writing utensil near each guest's place setting. Have a sign on each table that gives basic instructions to guests, asking each person to write down her name and the best marriage advice she has to offer the newlyweds. The bride and groom, DJ or members of the wedding party can collect the cards, read through some and read the best ones aloud. Awards can also be given out to the top three, funniest, most inappropriate or overall best advice.

Find the Bride

Play a game of "guess who" with the groom in order to test how well he knows his wife. Blindfold him and have a variety of wedding guests approach him one at a time. Pick men and women of all ages. Have the bride be one of the people to approach the groom as well. The groom has to guess which one of the people is his wife through touch only. Have him shake hands with each person to find his one and only love.

Rate the Kiss

It is tradition at a wedding reception for the guests to clink glasses with silverware to request that the bride and groom kiss. Create a game out of this kissing tradition by having guests rate the kisses with a score. Give each table at the reception score cards numbered one through 10. Guests can hold up a score as a group or you can give each guest a set of score cards so each can rate the couple individually.

Balloon Pop

Make your wedding guests work to get the bride and groom to kiss. If someone wishes to have the newlyweds kiss, he must pop one of many balloons in a designated area. You may require that he sit on the balloon or pop it in a specific way. Inside each balloon is a different task for the guest to do before the bride and groom may kiss. For example, the paper inside the balloon may request that the guest share his most embarrassing moment or something nobody knows about him.