Wedding Gifts for Second Marriages

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Some people are not sure what the proper gift is for a second wedding because the couple presumably received many traditional gifts the first time around. Many couples getting married for the second time won't need traditional wedding gifts, such as towels or basic kitchen tools. But there are plenty of other things that they might need or want. Think about items the couple may not have received the first time, or might want to replace.


People getting married for the second time likely have plenty of basic kitchen items, such as pots and pans or a blender. If they are a couple that love cooking, consider getting them a specialty item they might not have yet. Think about tools such as a panini press, an ice cream maker, a pasta machine or a bread machine. You could also choose napkins, dish towels or a table runner with their individual or combined monograms on it.

Family Gifts

Something the couple can use with their family will most likely be welcome. Many people getting married for the second time are also blending families, often combining children from earlier marriages. Give a gift that helps everyone get to know each other better and bond. Give the couple a year-long pass to the local zoo or an amusement park. A pass to a children's museum is another good idea. Consider giving a gift basket full of family board games and other items, such as dominoes and playing cards.


You can give the couple household items they can use to decorate their home together. Select things with their individual or combined monogram on them. You can choose simply the letter of their last name, or their last initial with each of their first initials on either side of it. Be sure the bride is planning to take the groom's last name before you do this. Choose a welcome mat or a welcome sign to go by the front door with their monogram or last name on it. Another idea is a large "J" or whatever their initial is made of wood or metal to go on the wall in the living room or above the mantel.


Maybe the couple really does have everything and you can't think of a gift that they would need. In that case, give a donation in their name. Choose a charity that they are active with or that you know they contribute to. If you still aren't sure what charity to choose, select something you think they would appreciate based on what you know about them. For example, if they love sports, donate to a charity that helps underprivileged children go to summer sports camps. If they have animals, donate to a local animal shelter.