Wedding Centerpiece Ideas With Peacock Feathers

peacock feathers image by Mark Grenier from

A wedding centerpiece defines your wedding décor, and one with peacock feathers gives you several design options. Blend the center, or eye, of the feather to a flower or candle selection for a cohesive appearance, or contrast the colors for a more dramatic display. Consider the addition of silk flowers to keep within a budget, or vary the heights of your peacock feather within a design.


Set up a feather display. Place one lone tall feather within a bud vase or group them together in one square-mouth vase. Replicate a horizontal flower arrangement with feathers, as you place several tall feathers on one side of the container and lay other feathers flat, creating an “L” shape, or decrease the heights of the feathers down the length of the table. Another option to consider includes a cascading display where the feathers stand up, yet droop over the sides of the container.


Accent live flowers with peacock feathers in your centerpiece design. Three tall black vases of various heights are set inside several peacock feathers grouped in the center of the table. Glue a wide ribbon band just under the top portion of the vase and slip in the eye of the peacock feather or glue it to the ribbon. Match the flowers inside the vases to the peacock eye. Some flowers to consider include dahlias, snapdragons, hydrangeas, roses, orchids or calla lilies as these flowers come in several color choices.


Combine peacock feathers with candles for an interesting display. Place a teal basket in the center of the table with a block of Styrofoam inside. Group the peacock feathers together as you create a dome-shaped centerpiece with the largest feathers in the center and the smaller ones to the side. Small teal boxes, the same color as the basket, hold golden brown candles that resemble the color of the feather. Tie a golden brown bow to the handle of the basket.

Artificial Flowers

Create a monochromatic design of blues with your peacock feathers and flowers. Set an Eiffel Tower container in the table's center. Stand royal blue orchids trimmed with a touch of turquoise around the edges to the center, while turquoise peacock feathers cradle the flowers and cascade downward. Alternate layers of cut glass stones of royal blue and turquoise in the base and tube of the clear container. Finish the display with a large bow holding a small feather inside.