We Need to Talk About How We'd Rather Eat These Foods Alone


As wonderful as it can be to share a memorable meal with friends and family, let's be honest: there are some foods that we’d all rather eat by ourselves. Straight-from-the-jar almond butter, gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and flaky croissants are all delicious, of course — but they're pretty embarrassing to eat around other people if you really want to scarf them down. By eating these foods by yourself, you can indulge without any social awkwardness or covert judgment. Here are 10 recipes to enjoy as a party of one.

Smile-Worthy Corn on the Cob

When you eat alone, you don’t have to worry about how you look while doing it. If you love utensil-free foods, you’ll love this recipe for making corn on the cob in the oven. It’s quite all right to have kernels stuck in your teeth at the end — that’s how you know it was especially tasty.

Charity Curley Mathews

More-for-Me Chicken Mole

Have you ever had a dish that’s so good you want to lick it clean, but then you stop yourself because you’re eating with other people? We’ve all been there. Next weekend, clear your social calendar for Saturday night, make chicken mole for one and go to town.

Abbey Rodriguez

Judgment-Free Corn Dogs

Corn dogs have an unfortunate reputation, so it’s totally understandable to want to eat one alone in the privacy of your own home. The next time you get a hankering, try this lobster version. Don’t forget the honey mustard.

Jennifer Farley

Almond Butter by the Spoonful

If you throw yourself a party for one, the double-dipping rule goes right out the window. You won’t want to share this almond nut butter anyway — eating it straight from the jar is an A+ option.

Jennifer Farley

Gooey Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is a wonderful lunch treat, but those cheese strings down your chin don't look cute in public. No one would blame you if you make this bacon and brie version and savor it by yourself. Grab extra napkins and you’re good to go.

Gina Matsoukas

Drippy Fruit Popsicles

Popsicles also have the same connotations as corn dogs, with the added bonus of how sticky they are when melted. But nothing tastes better on a hot day than a fruity and refreshing popsicle, enjoyed in the privacy of your own backyard. We’ll let you have a moment.

Abbey Rodriguez

Slippery Jello Shots

It’s nearly impossible to eat a jello shot without feeling awkward about it — getting it all in one slurp while slightly tipsy is a feat for champions. These rosé sangria jello shots in citrus rinds are perfect pre-gamers for your next dinner party with friends. Before everyone comes over, prepare yourself with one or two.

Trisha Sprouse

Flaky, Crumbly Croissants

Croissants are a great breakfast choice, but no one likes how flakes and sugar can rain like confetti after every bite. Next weekend, don’t worry about the mess — make a batch of chocolate croissants on Saturday night, and spend your Sunday morning pigging out in front of Netflix.

Thalia Ho

Pour Out the Beer Cheese Sauce

Here’s your Friday-night-without-plans game changer: make this beer cheese sauce, slather it all over something you’d be embarrassed to eat while with friends, and say cheers to the weekend. After you do it once, you’ll always keep Friday nights clear.

Jackie Dodd

Slurp-Worthy Crab Legs

Crab legs are delicious, but the slurping noises you have to make to get all of the meat out are questionable. If you don’t mind, read up on how to cook them at home. Don’t worry about taking some alone time to make these recipes — life’s too short to stay away from the food you really want to eat.

Ashley Manila