Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

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Hectic work schedules, lifestyle changes and social awkwardness can make it difficult for some adults to find and cultivate new friendships. Social interaction is beneficial because it offers long-term physical and emotional health benefits, says Everyday Health contributor Madeline Vann. Specific health benefits noted by Vann include an immune system boost, increased happiness and stronger resilience during challenging times. When seeking out new friends, adults can take advantage of everyday situations or venture out into their communities.

In the Workplace

Considering that many adults spend a significant amount of their waking hours at work, it may be worthwhile to cultivate friendships with a few coworkers. Daily Muse contributor Lynze Wardle Ledio suggests that adults interested in making new friends at work begin the process by striking up conversations with coworkers to learn more about them. If these conversations go well, take the initiative and invite your coworkers on a social outing.

On Social Media Sites

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide users with access to people they may not otherwise be able to meet due to time and space limitations. Use your social media networks to build relationships with individuals who have similar interests. As with any online media, it's important to exercise sound judgment during online and face-to-face interactions. If you are meeting a potential new friend for the first time, arrange a meeting in a public place to ensure your safety.

At Meetups

Meetup.com is a popular, international organization designed for people with similar interests to meet one another and engage in pleasurable activities together. Hiking, cycling, the arts, cultural events and travel are just a handful of the many Meetup activities that adults can pursue and enjoy. Membership in Meetup groups is often free; members come from different social backgrounds to meet others who share similar interests.

At Community and Volunteer Events

Adults seeking new friendships should be mindful of local community events and volunteer opportunities. Churches and spiritual centers may hold events that could present a chance to develop meaningful friendships. Animal and homeless shelters, and many other charitable organizations, may introduce you to people who are similarly interested in showing kindness and generosity to others. Peruse your community newspaper or conduct online research to locate charitable organizations in your area.