Waterpik Replacement Tips Jt-4

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Waterpik replacement tips Jt-4 have been discontinued by Water Pik Inc., although the tips are sold by some online retailers as of July 2011. The Jt-4 tip was the style of Classic Jet Tip used by Water Pik for several models -- the WP-20W, WP-30W, WP-32W and WP-50W -- of the company’s well-known water flosser. Water Pik invented the water flosser in 1962 in response to the prevalence of gum disease. The company continues to make updated models of the water flosser as of 2011.

Product Description

The Waterpik Jt-4 replacement tips typically are sold as a pack of four, with connector tips in red, green, blue and yellow. The Jt-4 is Water Pik’s Classic Jet Tip style, which according to the company is designed for general flossing use between teeth and below the gumline. Water Pik says its tips are clinically proven to be twice as effective as string floss for improving gum health.


The Waterpik Jt-4 replacement tips will fit four water flosser models: the WP-20W, WP-30W, WP-32W and WP-50W. Each of these models is no longer made by Water Pik. The 50W was discontinued in 1993, the 20W in 1999 and the 30W and 32W in 2000. None of the Classic Jet Tip models made by Water Pik as of July 2011 is compatible with any of these water flossers.

Updated Models

Water Pik offers three models of water flossers as of July 2011: the Classic Water Flosser, the design most similar to the models compatible with the Jt-4 tip; the Ultra Water Flosser, and the Water Flosser for Kids. Water Pik also offers cordless water flossers, which include a reservoir to store water and are designed to be used easily when traveling.


Because the Waterpik Jt-4 replacement tips are no longer manufactured, the company’s customer service department refers callers to Goodman’s, a retailer of small appliance parts based in Miami that also sells online. The Jt-4 replacement tips also are available from several online retailers, including Amazon.com, as of July 2011.