VBS Construction Theme Decorating Ideas

Aaron Graubart/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Through attendance at vacation Bible school (VBS), children can use their out-of-school time to explore their religious beliefs. If planning a vacation Bible school session with a construction theme, consider ways in which you can decorate to illustrate this theme and make your setting more engaging and exciting for VBS participants.

Caution Tape Station Division

Divide your space in construction-appropriate fashion by using caution tape. Use pylons to create stations around your room, and tie caution tape around them. This station division method will make it more obvious to your participants how they should move around the room. You can also put yellow tape on the floor under the caution tape to outline the usable space.

Yellow and Black Table Covers

Yellow and black are colors common to construction equipment and representative of the construction trade. Place yellow and black tablecloths on surfaces to carry through the theme.

Cone Created Entryway

Add an air of authenticity to your event by creating an entryway with construction cones. Borrow cones from a local construction company, or purchase them -- you can always use them later for sporting events. To make these construction-themed cones even more attractive, add crate paper in complementary hues.

Hanging Heavy Equipment

Decorate you VBS space with construction equipment cut-outs by suspending them from the ceiling. Make these cut-outs yellow or black, or select a color representing your church. To customize these hanging construction pieces, place VBS participants' names on them, and allow them to take them home at the conclusion of the event.

Construction Sign Wall Decor

Don't forget construction signs to adorn your VBS walls. Print out the signs on card stock, or purchase plastic versions of these warning signs.