Types of Bleach to Use on Hair

beautiful blonde image by T.Tulic from Fotolia.com

Hair bleaching removes all pigment from your hair, leaving it a light to white color. In many cases bleach uses hydrogen peroxide or ammonium persulfate as an oxidizing agent, which enters the hair’s core and changes its composition. Hair bleach damages your hair and is toxic. Types of hair bleach range from ones that slightly lighten hair color a couple of shades to other bleaches that completely strip hair of its color.

L’Oreal Quick Blue Lightener

This bleach comes in a powder dust-free concentrated formula and is designed to lighten hair up to seven shades of color in one application. The formula has a thick consistency so it doesn’t move or drip. It stays moist, and unlike other bleaches, you do not need to remix the formula during application. It can be used on or off your scalp. Sally Beauty Customer Reviews describe L’Oreal Quick Blue Lightener as easy to use, fast, and it leaves your hair soft. Reviews also say that it is best used on hair that has never been dyed before, because of its strength.

Wella Wellite Cream Lightener

Wellite Crème Oil lightens hair by gradually removing natural and artificial pigments. The formula comes in cream form, and can be used on the scalp. The cream formula sticks to you hair without dripping, so that your head of hair will lift shades evenly. Oils in the lightener prevent damage to your hair by keeping it moist. Sally Beauty Customer Reviews describe Wella Wellite Cream Lightener as cost efficient and easy to use. Reviews also claim that it doesn’t fully bleach your hair, but lightens it with each use.

Lamaur 30-Minute Bleach Hair Lightener

This salon-tested bleach lifts five levels of color in 30 minutes. It uniquely contains oxygen energizers that use natural body heat to speed the process of blonding. It’s non-drip formula prevents foaming. Sally Beauty Customer Reviews describe Lamaur 30-Minute Bleach Hair Lightener as a good value, it lightens well, and does not irritate the scalp. Reviews also say that because of its strength it is best used on hair that has never been dyed before, and some claim that it is too strong and damages hair.