Tips for Around the Clock Bridal Shower Theme

The "around the clock" theme for bridal showers has been around for generations. It's a simple idea that uses the time of day to help give people direction when buying gifts for the bride-to-be. In the invitations, each shower guest is assigned a "time" for their gift. The guest then purchases a gift that corresponds with her assigned time. For example, a guest assigned 8 p.m. would be a gift used at night, such as bed sheets, a nightgown or slippers.


"Around the clock" invitations may have an image of a clock on the front, or even a photo of a clock that shows the guest's assigned time. Inside the card, along with the date, time, place and RSVP info, the party theme can be described in a cute poem or in short prose, detailing the clock theme and assigning a specific hour to the guest. Of course, make sure that the theme is clearly explained so that no one mixes up her assigned time with the actual time of the shower. If the bride has a registry, registry details should be listed in the invitation.

Around the Clock Food Ideas

The "around the clock" theme can be celebrated in the food and the way it is displayed. A separate table can be used for the different times of day--"morning," "noon" and "night"--and appropriate foods and beverages put out on each table. For example, the morning table can feature bagels and orange juice; set out salads and a tray of lunchmeats on the noon table; and have hot pasta and chicken dishes at the night table. Each table can have little wind-up clocks as centerpieces.

Another set-up idea is to have one large circular table with the tabletop decorated like a large clock. Have the different foods set up next to the times at which they are usually served.

Games and Gifts

"Around the clock" bingo keeps guests entertained as gifts are opened. Each guest gets a piece of paper with the face of a clock on it. At each hour, there is a blank line. Before the bride opens each gift (the gifts are kept in separate piles of "morning,'" "afternoon," and "evening"), the guests write in their guess about what the gift is according to the time of day. The guests keep track of how many guesses they get correct, and whoever has the most wins. A useful, theme-related party favor to hand out to each guest as they depart is a kitchen timer wrapped with a ribbon.