Tips for a Mother of the Bride to Look Perfect on the Wedding Day

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Although the focus of everyone's attention will be on the bride and groom, the mother of the bride needs to be camera-ready, too. Makeup, an elegant hairstyle and white teeth will make you look great and feel terrific. When the wedding plans are over and the date is set, it's time to choose a dress, modernize your hairdo and get a manicure. Don't wait until the last moment to get a facial that will make skin look red and irritated; plan ahead and make changes to your personal routine a month before the wedding.

Make Changes Early to Avoid Frustration

Begin to make changes to hair and makeup at least three weeks before the day of the wedding. Make an appointment with a hairdresser and bring pictures of the style you want. It takes a few weeks to properly create and maintain a new color, cut and style, so get started early.

New Cosmetics

Get a makeover after you get a new hairdo. Allow the makeup artist to match the color and texture of your skin and hair to a waterproof foundation for the big day. Choose waterproof mascara, just in case a few tears are shed during the ceremony. Buy a stay-all-day lip color and bring a gloss to freshen up lips during the wedding. Get a translucent powder to take the shine off the nose and cheeks.

When to Get a Facial

Get a facial at least three weeks before the wedding to avoid red blotches and irritated skin on the wedding day. Don't wear makeup until a few days after the facial. Keep your skin moisturized. Stay out of the sun and wear sunblock to avoid sunburns on the neck and face.

Subtle Manicure is Best

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Sit for a manicure and pedicure a couple of days before the wedding to allow the nail polish to set. Bring the nail polish to the manicure and keep the bottle nearby for any necessary touch-ups necessary just before the wedding. Wear new shoes prior to the pedicure to stretch out the toes and make the shoe more comfortable.

Choose the Right Dress for the Wedding

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Bring a close friend to choose a dress or elegant suit for the big day. Check the fit, length and how the garment looks with the new makeup and hairstyle. Ask the friend to take pictures of each outfit before purchasing the clothing. Assess the comfort of the garment on skin, around the waist and when sitting. Pastel colors are best suited for the mother of the bride.