How to Cover a White Scar on a Face

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A white scar can sometimes take on a silvery, oily appearance, making it especially embarrassing on your face. When you don't want your scar to be distracting to others, or to be your defining feature, makeup can be your best defense in covering up the scar. The right concealer will cover your scar and blend with the rest of your makeup for a flawless look.

Exfoliate the scar before you apply makeup. Choose an exfoliating cream that contains lactic acid; it will dissolve away any dead skin particles and keep the area surrounding the scar smooth in preparation for makeup.

Fill the scar with a concealer. A hard concealer, or one that is purchased in stick form, is best on the upper portion of the face. Use a brush to fill the scar. If the scar is found on the fleshy lower part of the face, a creamy concealer will conform to the shape of the face better. Use your ring finger to dab concealer into the scar until it's flush with the skin.

Smooth a good-quality foundation over your entire face. While the concealer helps to make the scar less noticeable, the foundation will blend the concealer with the rest of your makeup. The Cosmetic Skin and Surgery Center recommends using a foundation sponge to apply the foundation sparingly. Use a new sponge, as reusing old sponges can spread bacteria and result in acne.

Apply a translucent powder over the entire face with a fluffy brush. This will set your makeup so it lasts longer, and tone down any shine from the white scar. Use a brush instead of the applicator most powders come with; this will give your skin a more natural texture with a lighter touch.

Sweep bronzer across your cheekbones, and dust a little over the scar. Leaving your face with only foundation and translucent powder can make your skin look too perfect. The addition of a small amount of bronzer gives your face a natural look, so no one suspects a makeup cover-up.