How to Hide the Scar from a Tummy Tuck

Fit and slim woman belly

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That tummy tuck that promised a smooth, flat midsection seemed like a dream come true until you realized that it came with a permanent scar. Although the scar is typically just above the pubic area, it can see the light of day in certain swimsuits. Before you permanently stuff that two-piece in the back of the closet, find ways to carry out some cosmetic camouflaging. Along with the right type of swimwear, strategic coverup will allow you to fearlessly strut your stuff on the beach.

Open a tube of green-tinted color correcting makeup and apply a pea-sized amount to the center of the scar. Blend it outward along the scar using your fingertips until you reach the edges, applying additional product if necessary. The green tint counteracts the red coloring in the scar to hide it. If the scar is blue or purple, opt for a yellow-tinted product instead.

Match a stick-based concealer to the color of the healthy skin surrounding the scar and apply a thin line all the way down the center of the scar. Opt for a concealer that contains sunscreen to prevent hyperpigmentation on or around the scar site from sun exposure.

Blend the concealer gently over the scar using your fingers and extending it 1/4 inch beyond the scar edges. Use a dabbing motion rather than a wiping motion so that you don’t remove the green color-correcting makeup. Apply additional concealer, if needed, until the scar and the color corrector are no longer visible.

Pat a light layer of translucent powder over the concealer with a makeup brush to set it.