Things to Do on Your 10th Birthday

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A 10th birthday is a milestone in a kid's life. You've finally reached double digits, meaning you're really growing up. Make your birthday party special with some cool, creative themes. You can stick with some traditional ideas, or you can try out some themes that deal with turning 10. Whatever you do, save some room for a slice of birthday cake.

Seeing Double Party

Now that you've entered into the double digits for your age, you could have a "Seeing Double" birthday party. Ask your guests to come dressed as a creative dynamic duo. For instance, a pair could dress as identical twins, or one guest could dress as peanut butter and the other could dress as jelly. If you decide to have this kind of party, try to invite a number of guests that will allow each person to have a partner. To go along with the theme, ask for a double chocolate or double vanilla cake depending on which one you like best. You can get creative with your party activities, but try out some different games that require teams so that the dynamic duos can stick together. For instance, you could do a scavenger hunt where the different pairs compete against one another. Be creative, and double the fun.

Bowling Party

Bowling pins come in sets of 10, just like your new age. Rent out a lane or two at your local bowling alley for your party, and either offer transportation for your guests from your home or ask them to meet you at the alley. You can split your party guests into teams to keep things competitive, or you can just bowl for fun and let every man bowl for himself. Take a break from bowling to eat some cake and ice cream, which you could have shaped like a bowling ball or bowling pins if you really want to keep the theme going.

Sleepover Party

A sleepover is always a fun way to celebrate a birthday, especially now that you're a little bit older. If the weather is nice, play some games like flashlight tag or capture the flag when it starts to get dark. And if you want to stay in keeping with the theme of turning 10, you can set up some TENts to sleep in. If the weather is chilly or rainy, you can screen your favorite movie inside. To make it extra special, offer your guests some popcorn while they watch the movie, but save some room for birthday cake. Later on, you can play traditional birthday games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, or you can have a scavenger hunt using items around your house. Once it gets closer to bedtime, have everyone change into pajamas and get settled with their sleeping bags. You can tell funny or scary stories, passing a flashlight to each guest when it's his or her turn.